First Congregational Church Of Wyandotte

98 Superior Blvd. at First St. Wyandotte, Michigan 48192

Founded 1892.

Readings & Sermon Titles for February & March 2018

Date Scripture Sermon Title Overview
Communion Sunday
1st Reading: Psalm 24:1-6
2nd Reading: Revelation 11:15-18
"Be the Church – Protect the Environment" It has long been believed that humankind has been given the orders to subdue and use the earth to our benefit. Yet, we have often not just used, but abused our environment in efforts of greed and indifference. Now, communities are paying the price; the community of Delray in Detroit being a good example. How do you see the world around you? How do your actions affect others in terms of environmental impact?
02/11/2018 1st Reading: Genesis 1:26-27
2nd Reading: Galatians 3:23-29
"Be the Church – Embrace Diversity" Diversity is a beautiful fact of life. Be it humans, trees, birds, or flowers we have been gifted with an array of unique qualities and outward appearances. Yet, the majority can often stifle the uniqueness of the minority when they don’t embrace difference. When have you been in the minority? How diverse is the group of people whom you choose to spend your personal time? Today we welcome Rev. George Bozanich, Pastor of Trinity-St. Mark in Detroit, as he and Rev. Carrie engage in a pulpit exchange.
02/18/2018 1st Reading: Sirach 4:1-10
2nd Reading: Matthew 25:31-40
"Be the Church – Care for the Poor" Throughout scripture, we read of God’s care for the poor and outcast. Often, we read that God stands on the side of those left behind by society. Some people argue that people are poor as they are lazy. Others point to an unjust social system that traps people in poverty. While we argue over the reasons, people go without the essentials of life. Why do you think there are poor in the world? What steps do you take to live the call to care for those economically left behind?
02/25/2018 1st Reading: Deuteronomy 15:7-11
2nd Reading: Luke 3:7-14
"Be the Church – Share Earthy and Spiritual Resources" Gratitude for what we have can often lead to generosity in sharing with others who have very little. We teach children to share as we know that greed is deadly to the spirit. Studies often show that there is enough food grown around the world to feed everyone, but resources keep pouring into communities with more money. How do you think you would react if you lost all the “stuff” in your house? What would you miss? How do you share your faith with others?
Communion Sunday
1st Reading: Psalm 82:1-8
2nd Reading: James 2:14-17
"Be the Church – Fight for the Powerless" During World War II, the Jewish people seemed powerless against concentration camps and fascism. Even today, people who are not within the majority are often targeted for hatred and blame for all that is wrong in society. To love another is to stand-up for them in the face of injustice. How do you fight for those who seem powerless against hatred and violence? When do you feel powerless yourself? We welcome Rev. Dr. Robyn Moore today as she leads us in this important topic.
03/11/2018 1st Reading: Leviticus 19:33-37
2nd Reading: James 2:8-13
"Be the Church – Reject Racism" To reject racism doesn’t mean that we don’t see race. We are naive if we think we are colorblind given how persons of color are portrayed in society. Rejecting racism means that we own how we, even unintentionally, perpetuate a culture of privilege for those of us who are perceived to be white. Not out of guilt, but as a first-step to changing our perceptions of society. Privilege doesn’t mean we have not worked for what we have. It does mean we were given a leg up solely because of the color of our skin. How have I called out racism? When have I used my privilege to someone else’s disadvantage?
Ecumenical Sunday
1st Reading: Psalm 103:6-14
2nd Reading: Matthew 6:7-15
"Be the Church – Forgive Often" It is appropriate that we talk about forgiveness as we head into Holy Week. Jesus gave us the “gold-standard” of forgiveness as he forgave from the cross on which he was killed. Forgiveness is not reconciliation. Sometimes, it isn’t wise to remain in relationship with someone who has betrayed you or hurt you. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what has been done to us is “okay”. Forgiveness is about letting go of the need for revenge which only poisons our soul and changes us into people of bitterness and pain. Who in your life do you need to forgive and what keeps you from offering this person forgiveness? Who needs to forgive you and why?